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Satta King Online My Guess Information

Guessing random number games is pretty famous in India. They can be a great time pass for many of us. Herein, either they are played with bets or simply for fun. But when we talk about the My Guess Satta game online or offline, it is related to the gambling game that involves money. Every day, thousands of the people or the bettors come online or come in contact with the bookie of their choice.

These bookies are trusted by the bettors on their own. There is no guarantee or certification of a bookie. So, there is always a risk factor involved when you are planning a My Guess game.

Satta King Brief Introduction

Before knowing the My Guess Satta platform or game, you should now understand the exact meaning of Satta and the Satta King. So, a Satta is a gamble that is played by investing or betting your money, which can be something that you have earned, saved, or even borrowed from someone. The risk is all yours on investing the money.

Then as the Satta game on drawing lucky draws of random numbers from different regions grew, many of the bettors won many of the Satta games after the Satta King result was declared day-by-day. Thus, players started calling each other Satta King, if one of them had won the Satta that day.

So, from then on, the Satta King phrase caught the tongue of the regular bettors. Now, they started calling Satta games nothing but Satta King. However, when in reality, Satta King should be the person who actually has won a Satta King game on any of the days or weeks.

How My Guess became famous in India till now?

In 1961, there were two famous bettors who took the industry or the set up of the gambling schemes in India forward. These were none other than Ratan Khatri and then, of course, Kalyanji Bhagat.

They both had introduced Matka Satta games in India in different regions. So, Kalyanji Bhagat games were played all day a week. But if we talk about the games that were introduced by Ratan Khatri, then his games were played only for five days continuously in a week.

Eventually, these people grew their network, aroused the interest of the bettors when people actually saw that they were becoming winners at least once in a blue moon. Then that thought of winning once with minimal investment grew the betting industry so much that it also crossed Rs. 500 crores of volume per month in that decade.

And now, if you think about Rs. 500 crores before the 2000s, it will be a big amount for sure. So, you can get a rough idea about how these Matka games were played earlier in the time, and how the industry of the guessing number games by investing a small amount of money of individual’s luck began and grew in India to its full course.

Where is My Guess Satta King performed?

Majorly, in today’s time, My Guess Satta King online is performed in the entire nation. There are different cities where it is performed. And the majority of the Satta games are based on the regions, countries, or cities where it is performed. The example is Hindustan, Faridabad, Desawar Satta, Gali, and others.

So, if the bookie talks about these regions, you must not get confused. He will be talking about the games that are being played, or at live, or on which you can place your bet at the moment.

How one wins the game of my guess?

As the name suggests, it is purely a guessing game. You, as a bettor, just have to guess the perfect number between 1 to 90. These numbers are given on the Satta King Chart that is available online of the official Satta websites.

Then you can decide on the number to place your bet before the chances run out or the slots are filled. And you should know that the slots are filled pretty fast. Then you should be in constant touch with your bookie to know how to put the right guess before someone else does.

Then, if you have been able to put your guess on a particular number before anyone else, you have entered the game. The bookie will talk to the game operator, and then your name will be placed on the number which you placed your money on through the bookie or Khaiwal.

After a while, at a particular time period, winners are announced. That means, after a while, if you visit the Satta king websites, you will know which number was actually drawn. If it is the same number as was yours, then you will be the Satta King of that game. If you have subscribed to the channel or the Satta king website, they might even give you the notification of the winner number, so that you don’t miss the chance to know what is going on with the My Guess game that you placed the bet on.

Otherwise, you can also confirm the winning number directly from your bookie. As he keeps constant touch with the operators, he will know who has won and who has not. That is just one another way of confirming your win.

Moreover, if the number is not what you wanted on the Satta King result, then you lose. Then, at least, you will never ever have to pay more except what you have already paid to the bookie. So, you should be aware of this fact because there are many frauds sitting in the market, who would fetch more money out of you, when you do not even have to pay or when you are not even liable to do so.

Is My Guess game legalised?

As a smart bettor, you should know that any of the “my guess” games that are Satta King versions like Black Satta, Gali, Faridabad, Peshawar, etc. are never legalised in our country. There are strict laws against gambling in our country, India.

So, playing and placing a bet on any of the Satta games is purely a crime that you would be committing. If you are caught online or offline while placing the bet, or if someone records your voice or messages and then hands it over to police or any of the administrative authorities, then you can be caught in danger.

We are not saying this to scare you. But this is a real fact that bettors who are caught betting or placing a bet can be imprisoned or be liable to pay a heavy fine. In the worst case, you will end bearing both kinds of punishments just for placing a bet of Rs. 10, Rs. 100, and so on.

Can My Guess Satta King games be advantageous?

If you are a regular bettor, you know that there is a meagerly one percent chance of you winning. If you consider that, then you get a lot of benefits from winning. That is because, with Rs. 10 as a bet, you win Rs. 90. And with Rs. 100 as a bet, you win Rs. 9000 straight away. And as you continue to bet a higher amount, the amount of winning back the money will be higher as well, which is quite overwhelming and mind-blowing for most of us.

But at the same time, you have to look at the fact that there are absolutely negligible chances of you winning every time, unless and until you are highly lucky, which is again never confirmed. There is always a risk factor involved. And if you are betting again and again, repeatedly, and winning too, then your profit might get into the limelight of the police or someone else near you who is jealous of your winning in the My Guess Satta King online games.

Therefore, we can say that these games are not really advantageous. Or the games that involved luck are never really advantageous. It is all about that one shot, which might get you something to win. But for that one shot, you would have already placed too many bets from your end in the first place, if we recall the total amount till now that is being invested against that one win of Rs. 900 for an example.

How to look at the My Guess Satta King Result or Satta King Chart?

There are official websites of each Satta King game, or you can also go onto the consolidated websites where each game’s final results are listed at once. So, whenever you are visiting such websites, you must look out for the Satta King chart.

In this chart, you will find the end result of the game you have played. Or you will also find the end result of each game in your region as well as other regions. Thus, you should focus on the game, which you have played your bet on.

Then see if you can find the exact number for which you have placed the bet. The number will be displayed in front of the name of the region Satta King or My Guess game. If the number matches your bet, you win, if it doesn’t, you lose.